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Monbiot Maxims - 20 A6 cards


Set of 20 different Monbiot Maxim cards


1. If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire

2. Nobody wins the human race

3. I wish to remain anomalous

4. The primary purpose of organised religion is to control women

5. Those who have power over themselves have no need for power over others

6. Today's lunatics are tomorrow's visionaries

7. When something is morally wrong, no amount of money can make it morally right

8. People are never more inventive than when devising ways not to understand something

9. Anyone who is impressed by money is not worth impressing

10. To a man with a Hummer, everything looks like a road

11. We are a society of altruists, governed by psychopaths

12. It's not sudden rupture that will destroy us. It's carrying on as we are

13. Behind every ranting fascist there’s a billionaire hoping to escape democracy

14. News is the propaganda of the oligarch

15. To achieve the aims on which almost everyone agrees, we have to fight almost everyone in power

16. It is the stupid things we do that make us wise

17. #WeirdPride

18. We are morally obliged to be effective

19. Admire the person with consistent principles. Beware the person with consistent facts

20. There is always less time and more possibility than we think


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